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Doc Physio at Home – Leading excellence in providing Physiotherapy Services in Bangalore. At Doc Physio at Home, we are committed to Homecare Physiotherapy and improving the accessibility and outreach of Physiotherapy Services and Treatments to patients at their homes across Bangalore.

Patients who cannot travel to clinics on a daily basis due to their advanced age, medical conditions or due to their hectic works schedules can be given satisfactory healing at home by our experienced, qualified and highly skilled Physiotherapists/ Practitioners. The patients are skillfully assessed, examined, diagnosed and well treated not only for their symptoms but even for the root cause of their pain. The patients are informed and well educated about the do’s and don'ts which will prevent future relapses even after the course of treatment is over.

We follow standard protocols and practice evidence-based Physiotherapy. We provide equipment and treatments using the latest technologies. Our approach is Integrated as well as Holistic in nature. This approach focuses on faster recovery as well as accurate healing. Along with a wide range of equipment we guarantee periodically serviced equipment which are well maintained and hygienic. Our vision is to provide excellent and satisfactory Physiotherapy services at affordable charges.

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